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Company Profile

GUANGDONG BEIDI SMART SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is an enterprise that specialized in manufacturing Garage Door Opener, Sliding Gate Opener, Roller Shutter Opener, retractable gate opener, door opener remote control & accessories.  Superior & sustainable quality with competitive price which makes BEIDI becomes a leading figure in the industry.

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    Founded in 2005
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    17 Years Experience
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    3 Modern production lines
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    60% CNC & automation equipment



  • Electric rolling gate motor installation and working principle

      Electric rolling gate motor installation and working principle A. the installation of the motor 1. Before the test machine, the locking screw of the limit mechanism should be loosened. 2. Then pull the ring chain by hand to make the curtain door about 1 meter above the ground. 3. Try the &...

  • Rolling shutter motor – advantages of aluminum alloy rolling gate

    The aluminum alloy rolling shutters produced by Brady are suitable for modern commercial buildings such as commercial blocks, supermarkets, specialty stores and indoors. The surface of the slats is embossed with milky white horizontal stripes, which is fashionable, simple, bright and elegant. It ...