What details should be paid attention to when choosing wind-resistant rolling shutters

The wind-resistant rolling door is composed of wind-resistant curtains connected in series, and the wind-resistant door is molded with high-strength aluminum alloy, which has high strength, strong hardness, and firm structure. At the same time, there are wind-resistant hooks in the guide rails, which can ensure The curtain panel does not leave the guide rail in strong winds, and has the functions of anti-typhoon, prying-proof, rain-proof, moisture-proof, noise-proof, cold-proof, heat-preservation, wind-sand-proof, etc. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a wind-resistant rolling gate manufacturer?
1. When purchasing, check whether the wind-resistant rolling gate supports manual functions, and manual operation can be convenient and quick.

2. The selected wind-resistant rolling gate cannot have inertial sliding, and it is better to have the function of double-sided automatic locking.

3. In order to further make it run smoothly, it is necessary to increase the pulling force, so the production and installation technology of eight-wheel front and rear drive and continuous gear rotation is generally adopted.

4. We also need to observe whether the mechanism of the anti-wind rolling gate is precise, whether the degree of lubrication is good enough, and whether it has a good heat dissipation function.

5. Observe the rooling door motor. If the wind-resistant rolling gate adopts full gear rotation, no chain and no belt, then the overall service life of the rolling gate core can be greatly increased.

Post time: Feb-28-2023